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  • Reopening

  • KiTa Mini-Mäuse
    Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 24-26
    53113 Bonn
  • KiTa Mini-Mäuse NEw from Mai ´18
    Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 16
    53113 Bonn
  • KiTa Mini-Mäuse NEw from August ´18
  • formerly: Max and Mary
  • Kurfürstenallee 6 und 7a
  • 53129 Bonn
  • KiTa Mini-Mäuse New from August ´18
  • formerly: Max and Mary
  • Robert-Koch-Str. 94
  • 53127 Bonn
  • Different pricing and care system!
  • Central Office:
  • Phone: 0228-2598804
  • Fax: 0228-2598806
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Welcome to the Mini-Mice day-care centre!

We are a private, internationally targeted child day care centre for children from 3 months onward up to the admittance to school.

We do not focus on confessional, ideologue or institutional positions.

What distinguishes us from others is, that we imply the results of the Pisa study as well as research in the field neurology of and modern education into our concept. For us it is important to prepare even the youngest of our kids for the ever more complicated world they are growing up in.

We do this by using a playful and enriching approach toward educational prospects. We offer small manageable groups in which the children find all the security and cosiness as well as the challenge and encouragement they need to develop an optimistic, well founded start into life.

Your children will be taken care of by certified personnel under whom there are English-, Spanish- and French native-speakers.

We as a Kindergarten understand our self as a modern service orientated business that offers families a flexible, efficient and loving Day-care facility so that carrier and family can be combined in the best possible way.

Our partners in Bonn:

  • BMZ Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung
  • DED Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst
  • invent intelligent traffic and userfriedly technology

Mini-Mäuse, Training our kids for life


  • Opening hours

    • Monday to Thursday
      7:00 till 19:00
    • Friday
      7:00 till 17:00